princehonorable: (new and strange lands)
Prince Charming ([personal profile] princehonorable) wrote2014-05-18 03:05 pm

How the hell am I supposed to find a room with no door?

At first, the oppressive weather had been a fairly big detriment to the door, but it had lurked in Charming's mind the more he'd been away from it. The cold had stopped the pain of the dreamshade and the quiet had been peaceful, almost soothing. He doesn't want to go there alone, though, because the fear of getting lost out there is too great and he does need to find Neverland. He'd figured out quickly enough that he needed someone who could track, someone who could hunt.

Seeing as Snow isn't here, he's got the next best thing.

Once he's equipped them both with packs of food and thick coats, Charming leads Graham to the icy world behind the propped open door, realizing once they're in the midst of snow and ice that it's actually exactly what he needs right now. The air is brisk and freezing and it makes his face hurt, but the dreamshade is a world away and the world is a blank canvas for them to explore.

He sets his pick in the ice, grinning at Graham like a madman. "What do you think?" he shouts above the high winds. "Should we keep heading West?"

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