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Since Graham had arrived, Charming's been eager to talk to him without Ruby around to see if they really were on the same page or if it's just hopeful thinking that has Charming believing that he's not alone. Still, even if Graham does remember, he's not sure he knows about the part where he might not know if he's dead. Everything has changed so much since those early days when even Charming had known nothing more than the fact that he was David Nolan, a man married to a wife he didn't love and in love with the local schoolteacher.

Regina couldn't control everything, not without their hearts. That thought makes him feel guilty as he thinks about how she had controlled Graham, all thanks to his heart.

Still, Charming needs to find out if Graham knows about the Enchanted Forest, so he starts his perusal of the hotel, searching it high to low. Eventually, it's the stables where he goes to look. He's been working there as a sort of stablehand whenever the frustration of not getting back to Neverland eats at him, but it's not a regular occurrence.

"Graham?" Charming calls out, when he hears footsteps near him. "Sheriff?"

And then, there's that last hopeful attempt.


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