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Coming home has been something of a dream and a nightmare for him. While Charming is glad to see the familiar mountains and lake outside of the window, the good news of the return is mired in the darkness of Anne's capture. No matter where he goes, this dark luck seems to follow him with such alacrity that he wonders if he isn't cursed to forever be doomed to the dark pall that follows him. It's no time for such thoughts, now.

Matthew has been fed and clothes have been found for their party. Charming, himself, wears the thick cloak that he had once given to Rumpelstiltskin -- another ill thought; if the Queen is here, then what other enemies are at their heels? What allies can they still call upon and will they even remember? Where is King George and what of the Queen's lackeys? Charming puts these thoughts out of mind and tightens the knot on the cloak, dragging the horses from the stables.

The trouble, now, remains. "The Queen has dark magic on her side," he explains as he tugs on leather gloves, forcing his mind to work through cobwebs and ancient dust to recall the fastest path to the Queen's castle. The troll road, he imagines, and the thought gives him pause to smile as he recalls what other thieves and brigands had lurked upon such roads. "And while our hearts may be true, we need a plan."

Charming isn't sure of their odds, given Matthew's young age and Emma's state. "Snow, do you think Red will be able to watch Matthew for us?" he asks, a look on his face that implies, very strongly, that Red ought not to take off her cloak for a single moment. "Who else could we call upon? I hesitate to use up all the favours we've amassed over the years, but if ever there was a need, now is it."
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If they are here, it stands to reason that their dear friends could still be here as well, somehow finding a way to resist the Queen's thrall. Her mind immediately races with the possibilities - the fairies, the dwarves. In the end, however, she and Charming both know that he'll be safest with Red and Granny, especially given what Red can do to protect him if necessary.

"It should be Red," Snow agrees, nodding quickly. She takes a moment to rest her fingertips against her horse, letting it familiarize itself with her touch and her presence, and then turns back to Emma, trying to decipher how she's attempting to process all of this.

"And you?" she asks, her voice dropping low. "Is there anything you need, Emma?"
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Even wearing trousers, Emma still can't help but think she's dressed like something out of a fairy tale. Appropriate as that may be given the setting for her latest breakdown, the clothes feel ill-suited. That she's being asked to ride a horse is just icing on the cake.

"A drink?" she suggests weakly.
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Matthew, it had to be said, was very suspicious of this latest suggestion. Even though spending time with Red and her animals sounded like it would be fun, and he did miss his chickens too.

"I'm gonna find mum," he said, "afore the island is different again."
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"It's always the island," says Matthew, kindly, because he knows that people get confused sometimes when it changes, especially if they haven't been there long. The question of leaving him with someone else isn't quite so simple, but he supposes that if he has a unicorn he can look for his mum himself, so he nods his head, up down up down very exaggeratedly.
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"Matthew, sweetheart," Snow murmurs, slowly sinking down to the young boy's level, her expression tentative and kind as she tries to figure out the best way to go about explaining things.

"You and your mother have come to our home now, even if we don't know how or why. But your mother was taken by someone who isn't very good. We will find her before we go back to the island."
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"Of course," she whispers, offering a reassuring smile in return before she slowly rises back onto her feet, reaching out a hand towards Matthew to take if he wants it.

She glances over in Emma's direction, silent, concerned, but also studying, trying to see how she's taking all of this.
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Between their stares, Emma's starting to feel like a sideshow exhibit, that sense of overwhelming panic with which she awoke sitting tight in her throat once more, though she's fighting to keep it down. Some part of her is still trying to convince herself that none of this is real, but with the boy's mother at risk, she knows she can't act on that assumption just in case this is all happening.

"Stop looking at me me like that," she mutters, trying to find something to busy her hands with, but coming up empty.
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What Matthew really wanted to do was run, because what Matthew always wanted to do was run, but without knowing where his mum was he didn't feel safe running where nobody could see him. Shuffling, though, shuffling off was okay, and had the added benefit of leaving a huge mess in his wake. There were always so many interesting new things to see when the island changed!
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"Seriously?" says Emma in disbelief, fixing David with an incredulous look. She feels like she's coming out of her skin, going out of her mind, and the question prompts a short, hysterical laugh that she swallows back the moment it starts. "Where the h-" She bites her tongue, glancing at Matthew. "Where would I have learned to ride a horse?"
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"I'll manage," says Emma, coolly, a stubborn edge hardening her features. She's come a long way in a few short months, but accepting help doesn't come easily -- even for something like this, where she's so hopelessly out of her depth.
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"I can do anything!" says Matthew. Though apparently that doesn't include mounting a successful escape and rescue mission on his own. He makes a muscle with one arm, to prove it, just like his uncles showed him.