princehonorable: (lost)
Prince Charming ([personal profile] princehonorable) wrote2012-03-15 10:34 pm
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He's looking.

The woods are thicker than he recalls, the trees strange and odd. He's searching for someone and he thinks it might be Snow. There has to be a bridge somewhere, but he's yet to find it, which means he's yet to find her. There's someone else that he's looking for, but he doesn't know who it is. He only knows that she's small and vulnerable. She needs someone to protect her and it's supposed to be him.

He wanders, deep through the woods and makes his way out of the dark to the light, entering a strange building and walking until he's in the midst of several rooms -- each one stranger than the last. "I'm looking," he says aloud, as if that will direct him to what he needs to find. "I need to find her."

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