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He's looking.

The woods are thicker than he recalls, the trees strange and odd. He's searching for someone and he thinks it might be Snow. There has to be a bridge somewhere, but he's yet to find it, which means he's yet to find her. There's someone else that he's looking for, but he doesn't know who it is. He only knows that she's small and vulnerable. She needs someone to protect her and it's supposed to be him.

He wanders, deep through the woods and makes his way out of the dark to the light, entering a strange building and walking until he's in the midst of several rooms -- each one stranger than the last. "I'm looking," he says aloud, as if that will direct him to what he needs to find. "I need to find her."
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"And whom do you need to find, young man?" Walter asked from where sat at his lab station, fiddling with a bit of metal and wire that would, someday, be a contraption used for communicating across dimensional walls.

Or perhaps it was a toaster. One couldn't be sure.
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Well, now. That was interesting.

Putting down the small soldering iron in his hand, he stood, closing the distance between them and trying to put himself within the man's eye line.

What was the boy's name, again? Daniel? Douglas? Danby?

"Damn," muttered Walter to himself, then asked, "Can you tell me where you are? Perhaps I can help you find her."
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"Charming?" Walter repeated, following the young man toward the door. Having two lost men wandering the island might not have been the best of plans, but Walter couldn't simply leave him to fend for himself in such a state.

As subtly as he could, he tried to see if there was any sign of head injury. Most likely, this was directly connected to the state he'd been in upon arrival.
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"Oh, hello. There you are," Walter said, patting the young man on the arm. "How about we find a place to sit while you reorient yourself."
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"It's all right, you're in the lab," Walter said, trying to lead him toward a chair.

"You wandered in of your own accord, but you seemed quite disoriented. What's the last you remember?"
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"You claimed to be looking for someone. A woman," Walter explained, "You also mentioned needing to find Rumpelstiltskin."

He supposed one might think that far-fetched, but only if they hadn't been on the island for any time at all.

"I'm quite certain you were not sleepwalking."
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"I believe you were in a kind of dissociative fugue. A bout of short-term amnesia, which isn't at all surprising, given your other symptoms," Walter said, going over to pour the man a glass of water, from the pitcher sitting nearby.

"Can you recall anything at all? Images? Emotions? It doesn't matter how small."
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"Yes, I'm most certain you were. Can you recall a name?" Walter asked, already hoping the boy would be receptive to hypnosis. There was all sorts of things in that mind just waiting to be shaken loose.
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"Now, now. Don't get too excited. I'm almost certain, if this is real at all, that you're remembering something that's happened quite some time ago. Unfortunately, if she meant to kill someone, it's a bit too late to intervene."

There was a very, very slim chance the young man was experiencing an event yet to happen, but he didn't want to frighten him with such possibilities.
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"Then you shall. But first, we must do some work to jog that memory of yours. How does that sound?" Walter offered, the man's excitement oddly contagious.

This was a mystery Walter didn't mind at all spending a bit of time trying to solve.
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"How do you feel about hypnosis?" Walter inquired, already moving toward his lab station. "I don't think I'll need to administer any drugs, though... I suppose I can't ask you if you have any known allergies."

He chuckled.
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"Whom shall I address the note to?" he asked, absently forgetting that the man likely had no idea.

"Well, you're a bit agitated, now. How about we schedule a time for you to return?"
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"In the state you're in now, I'm afraid you won't be quite as receptive to suggestion. As I said, I could sedate you, but knowing so little about the cause of your amnesia, I'd rather not," Walter said, erring on the side of caution, for once.

"I wouldn't be opposed to trying later today, but I'd like it if you took a few moments. Perhaps got something to eat."