Feb. 5th, 2012

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There are certain things in the close vicinity of the Compound that draw David's interest more than others. He doesn't go too far -- not since the first times he stubbornly attempted and found himself in a bit of a tricky situation when his legs quivered more than was reasonably healthy. Now, he drifts and finds the places that give him peace and calm of mind. One of the places he keeps revisiting is the pasture, a fondness in his expression as he watches the way the animals move.

There's something to this that's familiar. There's something that he recognizes about this -- as if he knows. There's a small voice in his head telling him the quickest way to corral the goats, but he ignores it because how could he?

Still, it's a relief to have something. He wonders, too, if he could have it more often. He watches the girl with the flaming red hair as she works, only lifting a hand in the air to greet her when it seems that the bulk of the work has been completed. He hasn't a clue who she is, but there's no harm in asking a few questions.
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In this state of sleep, he wanders the paths with a set state of being, his eyes open and his mind wider than his gaze. He clutches tight to a piece of old driftwood, but in his mind's eye, he's equipped with a sword again, patrolling the forests in search of a thief -- in search of his thief. There's something in his path, an impossible obstacle that he can't seem to conquer, and he can't even put a name to it.

He wields his weapon as he walks the pathways, a determined set to his shoulders -- as if burdened by armor rather than the light protection of a thin sweatshirt and pants. He halts when he comes across a worthy foe of a man, staring up and up, caught in this place between waking and sleep, gripping the driftwood ever tighter. "We have to hurry," he insists sharply. "The curse will be upon us if we delay," he tells the man.


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