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In this state of sleep, he wanders the paths with a set state of being, his eyes open and his mind wider than his gaze. He clutches tight to a piece of old driftwood, but in his mind's eye, he's equipped with a sword again, patrolling the forests in search of a thief -- in search of his thief. There's something in his path, an impossible obstacle that he can't seem to conquer, and he can't even put a name to it.

He wields his weapon as he walks the pathways, a determined set to his shoulders -- as if burdened by armor rather than the light protection of a thin sweatshirt and pants. He halts when he comes across a worthy foe of a man, staring up and up, caught in this place between waking and sleep, gripping the driftwood ever tighter. "We have to hurry," he insists sharply. "The curse will be upon us if we delay," he tells the man.
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The realm of Tabula Rasa has its share of strange sights, many of which Thor has witnessed over the months. Spying a man in his bedclothes wielding a simple length of wood as though it were the deadliest of weapons would not be noteworthy in and of itself, but that that man so closely resembles a dear (and long thought lost) friend piques Thor's interest immediately, the warning falling on far from deaf ears.

Indeed, it is those same ears that notice the most telling clue of all: the accent. It sounds Midgardian, though the cadence, the phrasing, could very well be that of Fandral the Dashing. But surely Thor would have heard of his arrival if he had already time to acclimate to the mortal garb?

"Curse?" he echoes. "What curse?"
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What remaining doubt Thor might have had regarding this man's identity disappears in an instant; similarities aside, this is certainly not Fandral, a fact for which he is most disappointed. But there is no time to linger on such disappointment, for this man -- whoever he may be -- possesses a desperation which demands Thor's attention.

Clapping a hand to the man's shoulder in an effort to steady him, Thor shakes his head.

"You are mistaken," he says, firm but gentle. "There is no Queen here."
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They make for quite a pair, thinks Thor, wryly. The man looks at though someone has only just returned home, life lighting his eyes where confusion darkened them only seconds before. Thor tilts his head to the side, regarding the stranger with concerned interest.

"I might ask you the same," he says, gesturing to the piece of wood. "Are you ill?"
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"Were you asleep just now?" Thor has to ask, thinking it a likely explanation. He has heard tell of those who walk while unaware of their surroundings. "You were talking about a queen."
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"You share a face with a dear friend of mine," says Thor, for he believes this to be relevant information for a man with no memory. Though he does not think this to be Fandral, despite the obvious similarities, perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye. "But not a voice. When I saw you, I wondered if you might be him."

Thor pauses a moment, then asks, "Do you remember your name?"
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Thor had been intent on dismissing any lingering hope that this might be one of the Warriors Three the moment 'No' passed through the lips of this man with many names, but as he carries on with his story, that same hope is renewed. It could be a trick, perhaps one of Loki's. Something that happens in a future Thor may never yet live to see with his own two eyes. Could Fandral have been exiled, as well? Sent to Earth like Thor before him?

"Does the name Fandral mean anything to you?"
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It had been a long shot, of course, but Thor feels disappointed anew, a fact which reads plainly in his features, though he does his best to curb the emotion. It is not this man's fault for sharing a face with a dear friend, nor is it that he apparently cannot remember his own name.

"Then David Nolan I shall call you," Thor replies, managing a slight smile, though it is not as bright as is his custom. "We should return you indoors."
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"I am Thor, son of Odin and Prince of Asgard," he says, nodding once with the introduction as he turns around in the direction of the Compound. He does not anticipate the recognition that so often comes with his name, and so it is that he gives his full title. With the mention of the queen earlier, it seems somehow relevant. "Come, then. Have you been here long? Or do you remember?"
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"You've someone from your home?" Thor surmises, genuinely glad for the man, as he considers himself fortunate to have both friends and family in this strange realm. Whatever difficulties he may have had (and continue to have) with Loki, that they are lost together has made the homesickness more tolerable than it might have been otherwise.
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While Thor is not the most observant of mortals, just as he was not the most observant of gods, this man is not so difficult to read. That he has feelings for this Mary Margaret is plain to see, but that he doubts her story is equally as obvious.

"And yet you don't believe her," Thor replies, sounding curious. "I've met her once,, your Mary Margaret. She struck me as kind... Too kind to lie."
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Thor cannot help but agree with David's assessment; the story does seem rather dull for a man he found waving around a branch like a weapon.

"When you were sleeping, you said something about a Queen," says Thor. "One who intended to destroy all happiness." He shoots David a frank sort of look. "That sounded more exciting than... Maine."