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There are certain things in the close vicinity of the Compound that draw David's interest more than others. He doesn't go too far -- not since the first times he stubbornly attempted and found himself in a bit of a tricky situation when his legs quivered more than was reasonably healthy. Now, he drifts and finds the places that give him peace and calm of mind. One of the places he keeps revisiting is the pasture, a fondness in his expression as he watches the way the animals move.

There's something to this that's familiar. There's something that he recognizes about this -- as if he knows. There's a small voice in his head telling him the quickest way to corral the goats, but he ignores it because how could he?

Still, it's a relief to have something. He wonders, too, if he could have it more often. He watches the girl with the flaming red hair as she works, only lifting a hand in the air to greet her when it seems that the bulk of the work has been completed. He hasn't a clue who she is, but there's no harm in asking a few questions.
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Anne had to wait a moment till her hands were free, but once they were she was happy to wave in return, to wipe her hands on her apron and go over to greet him warmly. While there had certainly been spectators to the farmwork before, and often, she was always grateful for those who showed a genuine interest.

"I'm a fright," she admitted as she reached him, "but the chickens never seem to mind. I suppose they're too busy being grateful my son isn't here today to terrorize them. Beautiful day, isn't it?"
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"As often as I'm needed," said Anne. "Which is to say that I'm here quite often but of course I'm not the only person who tends to the livestock. Or if you mean look at the sky and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been gifted with, then yes, I do it quite often."
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"Far be it from me to contradict anything your doctors have instructed you," said Anne, "but I've always been a big believer in the healing powers of fresh air and sunshine. Have you any idea what to do in an operation such as this?"
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"Oh yes, I firmly believe anyone can be taught," said Anne, "and the most telling qualification is one's willingness to be taught. If you'd like to help, I'd be more than happy to help you in return."
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"I'm afraid I don't," said Anne, "but you shouldn't lose hope, for I've never met anyone here on the island who I know from back home. The world and worlds beyond are more vast that I ever imagined."
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"Oh, I would be delighted," said Anne, "for a person can never have too many friends, nor too many helping hands. And should you need anything else from me, of course, you need only ask."